Zombie Sister Strategy Chapter 866

Chapter 866 Go Back To The Lake Bottom To Heal

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What am I doing? Im helping her! Lin Hao was confused for one or two seconds at first, then suddenly realized which part of his sisters body he was going to touch.

Well, alright, that was indeed a sensitive area But, he was a doctor! He couldnt feel her body condition without touching it with his hands.

At that moment, Lin Qiao gently pushed away the hands of Lin Hao and Wu Chengue, then relaxed her frown and sat up. Her eyes had turned purely black, and her green pupils glowed with a cold light.

She raised her head and looked at Wu Chengyue with an extra cold look in her eyes as she said to him with a frosty voice, Dont touch me without permission.

Her talking seemed to have triggered the pain from her chest again, and her eyebrows trembled slightly.

Wu Chengyue held her without asking her for permission, which made her very unhappy. She didnt feel a strong repulsion toward him, but was still unhappy about it.

Wu Chengyue stood straight. For some reason, he panicked a little when he sensed the coldness from her eyes. He raised both hands and made a step backward as he responded, Alright, I get it.

Lin Qiao pressed her own chest and said to Lin Hao, If its my problem, your devices wont help me. Im going to deal with it by myself in my space. Yuan Tianxing and Lin Feng will be doing the work in the base when Im gone. Youll give them my words.

Alright, Lin Hao had no other choices but to agree.

Then, Lin Qiao stood up and disappeared in front of him and Wu Chengyue. Lin Hao sighed, then turned to glance at the expressionless Wu Chengyue. After that, he raised his eyebrows slightly, picked up his medical kit, and left.

Wu Chengyue looked where Lin Qiao was just now with a peaceful look. No one could tell what he was thinking.

A short while later, he turned and walked back to the balcony, disappearing into the darkness.

Lin Qiao entered her space and showed up by the lake. She released a stream of dark mist to wrap herself up, then quickly took off her clothes and walked into the water with bare feet. She was still feeling a twitching pain from her chest.

She didnt know why, but that discomfort from her chest was growing more and more obvious. She instinctively felt that the only way to ease it was to go down to the lake and let the energy in the lake water suppress it.

She faintly felt that the lake water would be able to help her.

The zombies who were farming in the space abruptly sensed her vibe. They turned to the lake together and saw a cloud of dark mist moving slowly into the water.

Lu Tianyi looked at the dark mist with confusion. He knew that Lu Tianyu was inside the mist. He watched her go down into the water, but didnt think much about it.

Once she dove into the water, Lin Qiao gathered the energy in the water toward herself while swimming down to the bottom of the lake like a fish. By the time she reached the bottom, a dense sphere of dark-green energy had been formed around her body. The energy entered her body, quickly gathering toward her heart, chest, and lower belly.

As Lin Qiao gathered the energy to herself, the other zombies in the space all sensed a decrease in the pressure from the lake. Soon, the pressure was gone completely.

The pain from Lin Qiaos heart was eased when the energy gathered in that area. Finally, she sighed with relief.

She felt tired as she relaxed her tightened nerves. Unwittingly, she fell into unconsciousness.

The other zombies didnt know that Lin Qiao was healing herself at the bottom of the lake.

The next day, Lin Hao brought Lin Qiaos words to Yuan Tianxing and Lin Feng, then continued doing his research while worrying about Lin Qiao. Meanwhile, Wu Chengyue summoned Xiao Licheng and Kong Qingming, talking to them about their next step.

Since All Beings Base has a way to solve the soil problem, why dont we rent their farm? They wont share the soil remedy with us anyway, Kong Qingming thought for a moment and then gave his suggestion.

Ive checked. All the ones who are working in Lu Tianyus farm now are zombies. None of them is human. If they rented the farm to us, our people would be there and find out about those zombies. I dont think shell agree to rent us the farm, Wu Chengyue sat on the couch and responded to Kong Qingming with a faint smile.

All zombies? Youre right then I wouldnt rent out the farm if I were her, Kong Qingming agreed.

How about this? We provide them with the seeds and let them grow the crops themselves, then they share us thirty to forty percent of the harvests. Thatll be a win-win situation, Xiao Licheng thought briefly and said.

Wu Chengyue nodded with a bigger smile and said, I have the same idea.

The other two looked at him and suddenly realized something. Kong Qingming blinked and said, Chief, you had that idea long ago, didnt you? If I guessed right, you thought about that before we came here. Thats why you told me to prepare those seeds. I thought you were going to use those seeds to make some kind of deal with them.

Wu Chengyue didnt say anything but gave a smile. The other two immediately understood his meaning. Clearly, he had thought about that long ago.

Alright, Ill talk to Yuan Tianxing and the others, Kong Qingming nodded, then sighed with relief.

Em. We will have no less than thirty percent of the harvest, Wu Chengyue nodded.

I get it, Kong Qingming nodded.

I think the recent apocalypse will put the other bases into chaos, especially the few southern bases. I guess the people who are still staying in those bases will all leave this time, Xiao Licheng brought up another topic.

Recently, a lot of people had joined Sea City Base. All of them were from the South or Southwest, mostly from Earth Dragon Base and Hidden Cloud City Base.

They could have joined All Beings Base instead. However, All Beings Base was run by the survivors of Hades Base. Even if those people were thick-skinned enough to join the base, they still worried that they might not be accepted. Therefore, Sea City Base, as All Beings Bases neighbor, became their best choice.

Sea City Base had a big population already; it was full before the second apocalypse. However, the second explosion of the zombie virus directly cut the population by forty percent.

So, the population issue was gone.

Some other people still had their eyes on All Beings Base, with no good intentions though.

It was a new base. If they killed everyone in that base, they would own the new base, wouldnt they?

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